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the future technology of investments

Who we are

Kalganids Solutions ™

The future technology of investments

We are a young fintech enterprise engaged in the field of blockchain technology and crypto-assets. Being a fresh company doesn't mean we don't have all the expertise necessary to provide you with assistance to understand and utilize the opportunities of using crypto-assets. Our team has almost ten years of professional experience in this field.

[A little trivia: our name is originated from writer Isaac Asimov. In his 1953 sci-fi novel Second Fundation the strategically important, semi-tropical luxury world, Kalgan was the first major planet conquered by the main character. Kalgan became the capital of the Union of Worlds and its currency was the Kalganid]

What we do

Crypto-assets related services

to make you successful in the modern world of finances

We provide comprehensive services for both private and corporate clients in the field of crypto-assets and related infrastructure. Our services include everything from advisory on trading, over providing technical background for accepting cryptocurrencies as payment, all the way to managing your entire portfolio of crypto assets. We also provide consultancy on all aspects of the use of crypto.

In detail


We introduce you to an innovative method of finances, including the related legal environment and taxation regulations. With our assistance you can accept or earn cryptocurrencies or start trading them while we continuously keep you updated about new opportunities.


If your customers expect your business to accept various crypto-currencies as payment method, we can help. We provide the technical background, while you can concentrate on your core work activities and realize your earnings in the desired fiat money.

Mining farm operation

We have a farm of crypto mining gear, equipped with all the necessary supporting facilities. You can invest in the expansion of our farm and you'll get a proportional share of the profit generated by it. This way you can start mining, without worrying about the technical side of it.

Portfolio management

In case you are more familiarized with traditional financial solutions and you would like your money to work for you, we can create and manage a portfolio of crypto-assets. We track exchange rates and prices continuously and trade your assets to help your savings grow.

Where are we located

Henderson, NV, USA

registered HQ & trading services

Szeged, Hungary

mining farm & technical operations